Learning programming languages is not mandatory to become a Software Engineer

When I stepped into my bachelor of engineering in CS I thought that I will be learning a lot of programming languages, I wanted to be a software engineer. 1st year passed, I had to learn the same language I learnt for 2 solid years during PU, the most familiar C language. 2nd year passed, I was taught C++ for one semester. 3rd year passed, C++ was forgotten completely as we used only C everywhere. 4th year arrived, I chose 2 languages and hardly learnt anything in those few hours of theory classes we managed to attend amidst our busy mass bunk schedule. Finally companies started coming for campus placements. Just for the sake of getting placed I had to add C and C++ on my resume. Then what did 4 years of engineering prepare me for?

Campus placements was the time I realized one does not have to know n number of programming languages to be a software engineer; and this opinion became firm when I started working.

Hey there, hope you are doing great. If you are at the beginning level of bachelors or just completed high school or PU (12th) and ) and aspiring to become a Software Engineer but not willing to learn programming languages, then this article is just for you.

In fact, pure computer science is not about learning languages but is theory about the concepts that keeps computers alive and about those that binds the hardware and software. Back in college when I had to learn Database, Operating Systems, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming and networking, I was wondering what the hell these subjects were doing in my way. But now as I have started working I realize how important those concepts that I once ignored, failed to learn, play a major role in day to day life.

Software Engineer is a generalized term for various roles the IT industry offers. Various roles that can be considered under this one term includes System Engineer, testing, Database Admin and Programmer etc. A brief summary of above roles are as follows.

System Engineer: This is a role that needs one to have advanced knowledge about various operating systems existing in the market, to be able to manage system configurations and have in depth knowledge about networking and network devices.

Testing: There are two types of testing – Automation testing and Manual testing. Although Automation testing needs programming knowledge, manual testing does not need any at all. But any person considering this role should have some advanced computer skills like managing excel sheets, using different browsers etc.

Database Admin: Database Admin does not code but writes queries, the length of which varies from few words to several lines depending on the complexity of data under consideration.

Programmer: This role is that fancy role I had always dreamt of without even being aware of what it was. To handle this role one should have a good knowledge about various programming languages, mathematics, Logics and basic computer skills.

By considering all the above roles we see that System Engineer and manual testing roles require less programming knowledge, Database Admin and Automation testing require intermediate programming knowledge and programmer/coder role needs intensive knowledge about programming. Above mentioned are only four major roles however depending on companies the tasks under those roles may be subcategorized and given fantasy names. However as one progress in the ladder of designations the need to know programming language fades away and the concept of architecture, design and analysis pops in.

Hope this have given the basic insight of IT industries. Computer Engineering is not at all about learning programming languages, but learning languages is just a part of it. Depending on your passion you may choose the subjects and even skip the awful phase of learning programming languages.


A roadmap for getting Driver’s License in Bengaluru.

Hey there, hope you are doing great. I just completed the process of getting Driver’s license for two wheeler and waiting for its arrival through post. As my experience is still fresh and before it gets wiped off from my memory I thought of penning it down and share it with you guys so you don’t have to start from scratch and go through the same struggle.

Getting Driver’s license is a two phase task.

  1. Getting Learner’s license (LL)
  2. Getting the actual Driver’s license (DL)

Each of the above phases needs individual applications to be made through following website:  https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice8/sarathiHomePublic.do

Getting Learner’s license:

Application process:

Visit above website and select fresh Learner’s license application. Fill in all the details. Attach your photo, signature/thumb impression, Age proof, Address proof and Form 1 or Form 1A and submit the application. Choose a slot for giving computerized LL test according to your convenience from available slots (Do not forget to save a copy for printing later). Fee can be paid online or offline at the RTO. At the time of writing this article the fee is Rs.250/- Apart from online application, a hard copy of all the forms filled online and all the attachments submitted should be submitted in hardcopy at the RTO on the day of test.

On the day of test:

Application should include following documents in the order mentioned below.

  1. Fee receipt
  2. Slot booking Confirmation.
  3. Application form
  4. Application acknowledgement
  5. Copy of Age proof
  6. Copy of Address proof
  7. Form 1 or Form 1A – It is medical examination certificate. Should be self-attested if candidate is below 40 years and should be obtained by doctor if candidate is above 40 years.
  8. Signal chart (This is not even necessary when you can glance at the signals from internet. At the place where I gave test, it was mandatory. It will be handy in case of unexpected conditions. I bought it in RTO for Rs.10/-)

Carry Originals of the attached documents on the day of test along with the application. You have to get your documents verified before the test. One has to give computerized test which includes 15 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) based on mandatory, informatory and cautionary signals. One have to answer minimum 10 out of 15 questions correctly to be eligible for getting Learner’s License. Within 24 hours an SMS containing LL number will be sent to mobile number mentioned in application/ or entered at the time of taking test. LL can be downloaded after a day or so in the above mentioned website. LL is valid for 6 moths

Getting the actual Driver’s license.

Application Process:

Process starts anywhere between 1 month and 6 months after of obtaining LL. Visit above website and select fresh Driver’s license application. Verify all the details and submit the application. Choose a slot for giving Practical DL test according to your convenience from available slots (Do not forget to save a copy for printing later). Fee can be paid online or offline at the RTO. At the time of writing this article the fee is Rs.651/- Apart from online application a hard copy of the application form should be submitted at the RTO.

On the day of test:

Application should include following documents in the order mentioned below.

  1. Smart sticker (Not sure if optional of mandatory. Was told as mandatory at the time of paying fee and bought It for an additional charge of Rs.60/- )
  2. Fee receipt
  3. Slot booking Confirmation.
  4. Application form (Form 4)
  5. Application acknowledgement
  6. Learner’s license (Form 3)
  7. Postal cover with the address where the card has to be delivered. (Bought it along with folder to enclose application for Rs.35/- at the RTO)

Make a visit to RTO with above documents in the application along with original Certificate of Registration (RC book), Vehicle Insurance and Emission test certificate. Get them verified and get a signature of Authorized. You also need a two wheeler of your own (could be borrowed from friends or family). Later in the day arrive at the testing track with vehicle. Wait for instructions. Drive the vehicle in the testing track as per the instructions. If you clear the test, DL will be delivered to the address mentioned postal covered attached with the application within 20 to 25 days. If the result is negative then there will be two additional chances by paying Rs.300/- each (at the time of writing this article) at an interval of 7 days after the result.

Two wheeler driving track for Yeshwanthpur and  Rajajinagar RTO limits is as shown below. The width of inner track is around 3 feet.


Peer suggestions:

  1. If you are applying as an individual (Without aid of driving school) entire application process can be made by self or from Xerox centers in RTO (Not sure if such centers are available in all RTOs but at least in Yeshwanthpur RTO they exist)
  2. Get all the printouts and Xerox copies from a local shop where you can get for low price. I ended up paying Rs.10/- per page at the RTO.
  3. During DL, depending on the inspector, they may ask names of mandatory and cautionary signals.
  4. Consider this as special instruction for DL test. There have to be have 2 L stickers (one on front and other on back of two wheeler to be driven in the test track) on your vehicle (could be purchased at RTO or test track for Rs.20/-). Wear a proper helmet as seen in below images. I got rejected during my first attempt due to improper helmet.

Proper Helmets

Improper Helmet


Photo credits:

  • Helmets: Google
  • Driving Track: Microsoft Paint



@font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable

Hey there! Hope you are doing good. Had this wiered issue with fontawesome rendering in IE lately, luckily which got fixed. Hence thought of sharing the solution.

IE is such a strict browser that it fails to render things as expected untill all conditions are properly satisfied. Recently I faces one such issue where font-awesome icons were rendered properly in chrome but not in IE. IE kept throwing the error @font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable. 

Like every other time i switched to Google to browse solution for this. There were many articles that spoke about this issue but none of them could solved mine. Scratching my head like always I searched for few format keywords like truetype, embedding, opentype etc in eclipse and luckily found them is one css file related to font-awesome. Then i found the culprit- the urls of .ttf file, .eot file etc where missing the root context. Upon adding the root context IE finally rendered the icons.

Hope this helps if you too are facing same issue.

Lesson learnt: Google does not always have solutions to all problems, some problems could be common but perceiving them may have to be as unique as you.

One Big day light scam that left me in complete shock

Had been to Yeshwanthpur RTO to get my driving license. I completed all my application procedure and saved everything in a pendrive to take printout. I decided to take printout at the RTO building itself.  For those who are not aware, Yeshwnthpur RTO is located in one big building where there are lots of Xerox and stationery shops. To be precise the entire ground floor has only these shops. I went from shop to shop carrying my pendrive asking for printout. When I said printout everyone got to computer but when I offered pendrive they kept on saying no pendrives allowed. I did not understand what was going on initially, until at one final shop when a lady offered to get printout directly from internet if I could tell my application number. I finally agreed to do so and took printout out of all my required documents. To my surprise they charged Rs.10 for each page. When asked they told it’s the internet charge. This left me in shock. We are at the end 0f 2018. When the internet charge has plummeted drastically in the country since the end of 2016, over here we have people charging Rs.10 per page for black and white printout and putting all that extra cost as internet charge which they hardly used for 5 minutes. Even if the cost of internet was as it was before 2017 surfing over 300 MB of internet for one half of an hour would cost less than what they charged me per page today. I regretted my decision of not stopping at a place which has a street full of Xerox shops on the way from my home to RTO, where I would have managed to get all my documents printed at a price even lesser than what they charged me at the RTO for one single page.

If you are reading this article I hope this helps you in saving few extra bucks by spending that little time you could afford in between your daily commute. Thank you so much for stopping by at this article. Have a great time.

Disclaimer: I am only trying yo give my honest review and a peer to peer suggestion. There is no intention of offending any person or any individual identity.

What is a Framework?

A framework is something that simplifies your task.

Consider an example where you are working from home. It is a hectic afternoon, you are so busy in your work and feeling very hungry at the same time, but you have to deliver your work by the end of the day and it is still going to take a lot of time. Now you have two options, you love to cook and you have all the ingredients required to prepare your lunch, you also have some leftover from breakfast prepared in the morning. Which one would you choose?

It is obvious that one would opt for the leftover from the breakfast instead of cooking and would use the same time that would have been spent in cooking for the work that needs to be completed by the end of the day.

Framework does the same. It offers various grab as you go stuffs as a result of which, you don’t have to code from scratch. For example if you take struts2, one thing I personally experienced was you don’t have to bother much about passing values from front end to java classes which earlier consumed considerable amount of time when one was working with servlets. Like struts2 java has many frameworks. There are frameworks for binding UI and java, java and DB, even to write logs there are frameworks in java.

That’s the reason why I said, a framework is something that simplifies your task. Not just that, a framework will also make things look neat and tidy and keep the code convenient to be understood later.



A trip to Bannerghatta National Park

Like all other plans we thought this one too would be scrapped off until we met in majestic on a Saturday morning. We had done several plans like this earlier only to find them under the blanket of time burying as plans only. There are a lot of buses, both Volvo and normal, from majestic to Bannerghatta national park. We boarded 365J which only connects till Bannerghatta circle. In contrast, bus number 365 will connect directly to the national park. From Bannerghatta circle we boarded auto for next 1.5 km. It is a lot easier to ride own vehicle but it comes at an extra parking cost, which is negligible.

There 2 different types of entry tickets to the park, one with safari and one without safari. Entire Park can be categorized into 4 zones. Safari, zoo, Butterfly Park and boating. The prize of tickets for various zones are as listed below. They reflect the price mentioned in official website as on August 2018.                                                        Zoo+safari = ₹260/- (on week days), ₹280/- (on weekends)
Zoo = ₹80/-
Butterfly park = ₹30/-
Boating = ₹50/-

There is an options to choose AC bus for safari with extra price.

We reached the park at around 11:00 AM, and chose to go for safari at first. It was the worst time in the day to be chossing Safari. All we got to see were lazily sleeping wild animals. Safari is categorized in to various zones and all of them are separated physically by fence. There will be gates between the zones from where the bus tranists between zones. First comes the herbivores zone where you can hardly see bear, elephant, and deer. Next was the lion and last was the tiger safari thst includes white tiger too. To me, going first time with lots of expectations, safari was very disappointing.

On the way back to zoo from safari we get the butterfly park. It was a wonderful place. You get to see various kinds of butterflies and it’s an awesome place for photography.

It was almost 2:00 pm when we covered Butterfly Park and were extremely hungry and so we decided to have lunch in a hotel which is in front of the park and closer to bus stand. The place was a kind of shopping complex where you get to see some amazing wooden toys of Channapattana. The price of all food items in the hotel was extremely affordable. To all the street food lovers you get to eat verities of food/chats in the shops on ta dedicated street.

Our next visit was to the zoo. The disappointment caused by safari was totally healed by the zoo. There were verities of animal, birds, hippo, giraffe, antelopes, peacock, snake, crocodile are just to name a few. To my surprise there were even tigers, lions and a cheetah in the zoo. It was an extreme delight to see the lion from so close.

Our next move was to the boating zone. This is my most memorable part of this trip. That was my first time boating. If you come here with an expectation of ticket price being same as in website, it will be very disappointing. The price that is displayed on website is for the big boat which carries around 15 to 20 people and there will be dedicated people to row. But there are also private boats which you can be hired at ₹300 for 20 minutes.

It was 5:00 PM when we left the park. Since the bus station is closer it was easier to catch the bus to majestic. All together it was an awesome place for a weekend.